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READ ABOUT OUR TRIPLE GUARANTEE and why you should choose Lupe Driver Training to help you get your driving licence.
My name is David Hawkes a former professional driver for the Armed Forces teaching people in the most difficult situations how to drive safely and for the last few years I have been working exclusively with learner drivers.

What I can share with you will make passing your driving test easy – just how you want it to be. I will help you learn quickly and without the hassles and pressures you might have heard of.

Soon you will be driving your own car, and I’d be delight if it was Lupe Driver Training who helped you get your full driving licence.
Check out the lessons I offer and give me a call to see when you can start learning to drive. 

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The Best Driving Lessons In Telford Come With A Triple Guarantee…

The most important thing to you right now is passing your driving test, but there are a few other things on your shopping list. 

1. Passing your driving test at the first go would be great
2. Having a cool driving instructor was is cool and doesn’t shout would be perfect
3. Knowing that your instructor just wanted the best for you and doesn’t intend on making you take more lessons than you need.

Does that look about right?
Well here at Lupe Driver Training we really wanted to push the boat out and make sure you get what you ask for, so we devised a Triple Guarantee, assuring you of excellent service, just how you want it.

It is hard to find the right driving school in Telford, just who do you choose? There are so many people offering driving lessons in Telford but everyone looks the same – who can offer you the best value for money?
Our money back guarantee means your money is safe.
Simply put, if you do not like the driving lesson you are on or have finished, let us know and we will refund you and you’ll be free to join another driving instructor in Telford. 

How do you know we are the best driving school in Telford? Well we put our money where our mouth is (so to speak) if you do not pass your driving test at the first time of asking we’ll cover the cost of your next test. Who else does that?

We have some important terms and conditions for the Pass Promise and they all relate to driver safety and and not written to put you out of favour. First of all we ask you complete 40 hours of training , that is actually 7 hours less than the national average, we are not asking you to do more than what is usually expected.  We ask that you completed the Pupil Record Card which proves you are a good driver and competent of passing and we ask you to pass a mock test. By completing the Pupil Record Card and the mock test, you will have the self belief and perfect preparation to pass your test. 

The people who are most likely to have an accident are newly qualified drivers, its all about experience and to help keep you safe we are offering you FREE REFRESHER LESSONS worth £150. 

For 2 years after passing your driving test you can have up to 3 hours per year of free refresher lessons. We’ll go in your car, it has to be fuelled and road legal. We’ll meet at a suitable date and time.

So if you feel you need a little help, thinking you might be a bit rusty, or want me to sit next to you when you get your first car and drive it for the first time, the warranty is ideal for that. Also if you have a bit of a bump or a scrape, or you pick up points for speeding etc. These things do happen in life, so call us and we’ll arrange the refresher lessons for you.

As long as you have completed 30 hours of training you can have the warranty. The warranty is only for standard driving and not advanced or motorway lessons.

QUESTION: The Best Driving lessons in Telford?

You have read what we have to offer, 
doesn’t it make sense for you now to pick up the phone and
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We would be delighted in helping you get your driving licence.