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WARNING: This is a specialist course of driving lessons for learner drivers who have been taking lessons with different schools and failing the test. My expertise lays in reprogramming your training so you can get your driving licence.

This will probably be refreshing to hear but the reason why you are failing may not be entirely your fault, let me prove it to you.
1. Had you completed your Pupil Record Card and classed as independent in each section?
2. Had you completed a mock driving test?
3. Have you been driving on your lessons where you need no support at all from your instructor?

I know you had not ticked those 3 boxes, and perhaps you are thinking “its a bit too much” to ask for all of that. You only have that thinking because your training wasn’t right.

The way anyone should be learning to drive is by being coded to be a safe and natural driver, that way when you go to the driving test there is no pressure on you, nerves don’t kick in, because you are driving safe and you will continue to do so with the right attitude.

You want to be going into your test without nerves because how will you be in a serious situation when driving on the road by yourself? Nerves are not an acceptable excuse, its what’s been drummed into you by your last driving instructor.

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